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Show your pride by being a volunteer to help plan, organize, and run Manatee Pride!

To volunteer, or help lead other volunteers, contact us at [email protected].


Volunteer Opportunities for Manatee Pride 2015 include:

As-Needed Volunteers:

Volunteers are needed for the day of the event wherever they may be most needed. The Volunteer Coordinator will help ensure the recruitment and training of volunteers before the event, and will coordinate volunteers and volunteer requests on the day of the event.

Accessibility Services:

Help address accessibility issues for people who use mobility assistance, people who are blind, and people who have other disabilities, including event access, parking, and other potential needs.


Help coordinate advertising,  banner creation, and other graphics needs.


Help produce on-stage and other entertainment during Manatee Pride.

Food & Beverages:

Help coordinate with food and beverage vendors before and during Manatee Pride. Help ensure the food and beverage areas and eating areas stay clean.  Assist with beverage sales, monitoring, ID scanning.


Help ensure a successful setup and breakdown of Manatee Pride on the day of the event, from tables to assisting vendors with setup and other needs. Help ensure the placement of everything throughout the event.


Help coordinate media placement and coverage before, during, and following the event.


Help plan, organize, and implement outreach leading up to Manatee Pride.

Parking Coordinator and Volunteers:

Help coordinate all aspects of parking for the event:  conduct a site survey well in advance of the event for parking needs; assess parking needs and what is currently available; develop map and specific written plan for all parking; secure written approval from nearby parking providers for all parking sites well in advance of the event, and provide copies of written approval;  coordinate with the Signage Coordinator for production of any needed signage and related materials; Coordinate with Signage Coordinate for day of event placement/implanting of all signage; assist with placement and monitoring  of all parking signage throughout the day to ensure it is placed appropriately, remains in place throughout the event, and is modified as needed; personally direct parkers to parking areas and direct volunteers in this effort; assist as needed with removal of all parking signage at the end of the day; assist with recruitment of volunteers for parking duties; personally provide instruction and supervision of all parking volunteers and activities.

Signage Coordinator and Volunteers:

Help coordinate all aspects of signage for the event:  site survey well in advance of the event for signage needs; assess signage needs and what is currently available; develop map and specific written plan for all signage; secure approval for production of any needed additional signage and related materials; coordinate the transport of signage to the event on the early morning of the event; placement/implanting of all signage; monitoring signage throughout the day to ensure it remains in place and is modified as needed; removal of all signage at the end of the day; recruitment and instruction of any needed additional volunteers to assist.


Help coordinate sponsorships and donations to make Manatee Pride a success.


Help ensure the event is safe for everyone. Help coordinate with City police before and during the event, including ensuring any emergencies are handled appropriately.

T-Shirt Coordinator and Volunteers:

The T-Shirt Coordinator will: Work with Board to review last year’s T-Shirt program for sales and staff; coordinate with potential T-Shirt sponsors/vendors; develop and secure approval for proposal for T-shirts for sales and staff; coordinate with T-shirt printer for the printing of all approved T-shirts with approved Manatee Pride logo and logos of key event sponsors; coordinate for delivery/pick-up of all T-shirts; personally ensure all T-shirts arrive on-site on the day of the event; develop a written plan for T-shirt vending (T-shirt sales) and distribution (staff T-shirts); personally set-up and lead T-shirt distribution (staff) and sales on the day of the event; assist with recruitment of additional T-shirt sales/distribution volunteers; personally instruct and supervise all sales and distribution of T-shirts and additional volunteers to assist; personallly ensure documented accountability in cash-handling and inventory; personally prepare and submit a written after-event report.


Help update and build the Manatee Pride website, using WordPress.

Welcome Table Staff:

Help staff the Manatee Pride welcome table, including providing information to attendees, T-shirt sales, and other tasks as needed. For those who would like to volunteer but need to remain seated, this is a good volunteer opportunity.